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Our Sansar is a UK registered charity dedicated to the reduction of global poverty. We work hard to provide education, welfare and shelter to local communities.

Press releases

No Name Cafe to open in Nepal to support charity projects

A new exciting venture to support a UK charity, Our Sansar, and local Nepalese coffee growers in a sustainable way - Coffee Sansar ('a world of... read more

15.08.2016 • By Our Sansar

Nepal Earthquake #1YearOn

This time last year Nepal was struck by a series of devastating quakes and tremors that took a catastrophic toll on lives, livelihoods and... read more

22.04.2016 • By Our Sansar

Reaching out to show street children a brighter future

Street children are offered little hope for the future but the boys from Our Sansar's children's home wanted to change that on International Day... read more

15.04.2016 • By Our Sansar

International Day for Street Children - 12 April 2016

Former street children in southern Nepal are reaching out to other street children in their area to share their life experiences. For... read more

12.04.2016 • By Our Sansar

UK charity assists Nepalese trafficked children after the earthquake

Our Sansar's transit home is the only emergency shelter in the district of Dhading for children affected by the earthquake and other children in... read more

05.04.2016 • By Our Sansar

Blockade affecting aid in Nepal

AID workers are being trapped by fuel shortages and political violence in Nepal due to two weeks of blockades on the Indian border. In the... read more

05.10.2015 • By Our Sansar

Displaced children in post-quake emergency

DISPLACED children are still without permanent housing in Nepal's most isolated regions, months after devastating earthquakes destroyed homes and... read more

10.08.2015 • By Our Sansar

CHARITY CHUCKLE Stand-Up for the Our Sansar Nepal Earthquake Appeal

Tuesday 12th May 2015, 8pm at Komedia, Brighton Comedians: Al Lubel, Mark Simmons, Sam Savage as Linda Larkin, Juliet Meyers and more -... read more

06.05.2015 • By Our Sansar

Our Sansar providing the Nepal Earthquake relief assistance

With the death toll ever rising, and the true extent of this disaster unknown, our only option is to help where we can. Millions of children... read more

30.04.2015 • By Our Sansar

Countdown to the First Ever Cricket Tournament for street children in Nepal

On the 12th of April, children's homes from across Nepal will compete in a cricket tournament to celebrate International Day for Street Children... read more

31.03.2015 • By Our Sansar